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Group Activities and Dates

Whether you’re one couple or a group of 16, you’ll love the chance this gives you to interact closely and get to know each other better. Plus it’s always fun to try something new together. Group discounts are available!

Friends and Families

Create more lasting memories in one hour of Getout Games than in dozens of movies and familiar events. Getout Games is exhilarating for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.

Work Groups and Events

You’ve told your employees that your company is awesome and fun. Time to show them you mean it. Does Getout Games increase communication and teamwork? Yup. A competitive head-to-head matchup? Oh yeah. Create magical bonding moments that could have made shoulder angels work together? You bet your custom baby seal leather boots.

Custom scheduling is also available for groups. Give us a shout.


"Tons of fun! We did this for a team builder activity at work, and everyone had an awesome time. We've been raving about it since."



"Group of 21 for a work team-building activity. I received VERY positive feedback from all involved."



"Birthday party with 6 couples. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Best birthday I ever had!"



"The activity was a hit! Even our CEO loved it!"



"Did my bachelorette party here. Will totally go back with my husband to be."



"SO FUN! We went with a new team of co-workers that had just met that morning and took our relationship to a whole new level."



"Ohmigosh we had so much fun! What a fantastic group date idea!"



"We had a blast working as the adults against the kids for our work party!! Everyone wants to do it again."



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